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"Plenty of sitcom gags, puns, one-liners and spiky banter."
– LA Weekly
"One has to credit Solms with daring to put his personal demons
out there and let everyone laugh with him... fast paced and
gets funnier and funnier.... A fun time at the theater."
– The Santa Monica Mirror
"This romp finds its groove with a mix of breezy comedy, dirty
jokes and tuneful numbers from Emmy award winning
composer Larry Grossman and lyricist Ryan Cunningham....
In Kenny Solms romantic comedy 'It Must Be Him' the solution
is simple. Take one sassy housemaid, add show tunes, men
in leather shorts, and stir gently.... Goofy fun in leather."
– The Los Angeles Times
"Hilarious with great one-liners and zingers. I laughed a lot....
There are some funny and priceless lines that I howled at."
– Hollywood Theater Examiner
"'It Must Be Him' is a very entertaining production that
will keep you laughing throughout."
“Laden with clever quips…. 'It Must Be Him' has a lot of laughs!”
– Associated Press
“Comedy's a 'Must.'”
– Daily Variety
“A new lancing laugher of a comedy.”
– Jewish Exponent
“A tilted 'Death of a Salesman.' Instead of a lot of drama,
there's a lot of comedy. And a movie! And a musical!”

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